Emulsifiers and Stabilizers for Dairy

Milk is primary source of nutrition with limits of shelf life. To overcome this milk is needed to process into the products like butter, cream, flavour milk and many more. This formation of milk based products is consequence of either the destabilization of the dispersed phase droplets of fat or of the protein. To control the structure & stability of these products, right selection of functional ingredient like emulsifiers and stabilizers is required.

KreAmaze systems are a blend of stabilizers & emulsifiers that contribute to optimized desired finished dairy products. This provides value added qualities to your dairy products.

KreAmaze system can help you with the applications involving this technology;

Water retention
Emulsion stability
Protein stability

Stabilizers are substances which maintain the physico-chemical state of a foodstuff, while Emulsifiers are substances which make it possible to form or maintain a homogenous mixture of two or more immiscible phases such as oil and water in a foodstuff.

Combination of right stabilizer and emulsifiers maintain consistent texture and prevent the separation of ingredients providing normal shelf life and mouth feel. Many reduced-fat and low-fat versions of common foods depend on the correct blend technology.

We have developed functional systems for stabilizing milk based products that offer economic benefits and meet the demands of the production line as well as consumer's satisfaction.