Emulsifiers and Stabilizers for Extruded Ice cream

Extruded Ice cream are products that have unique characteristics such as shape, size, flavor, color and packaging.
With increasing demand for new flavours, nutrients and cost effective improved meltdown & shape stability is foremost requirement.

Extensive knowledge in various ingredients allows us to develop perfect product for extruded or premium quality product.

KreAmaze MAJIK 5000 PLUS
  • The System with high molecular weight and complex branched structure of cellulose gum, provides excellent functionality to the product.

  • It is useful to maintain integrity of air & foam stabilization. This support reduction in fat by extrusion and stable overrun while retaining a rich, creamy mouthfeel & lessen the extent of shrinkage.

  • Gel like structure forms, which controls water behavior and maintain shape throughout shelflife.

  • Product’s thermostable properties comforts freeze thaw work excellently in fat modified & sugar modified products.