Emulsifiers and Stabilizers for Ice Lollies

A mouth watering & refreshing icy treat on a hot day is one of the best feel pleasure. Exciting flavour release, smaller ice crystal size, slower meltdown is the ultimate requirement to excite and satisfy your consumers with Ice lolly, which demands specific selection of hydrocolloids.
A good Stabilizer should be readily dispersed in the mix, without causing excessive viscosity, separation or foam in the mix and should not impart any off-flavor to the mix, it should be economical. .

KreAmaze ICL-1000

It is formulated considering all the limitation, which makes up a fraction of the finished product but imparts significant impact for desired quality.

It’s water holding & microviscosity enhancement ability provides:
Excellent ice crystal growth.
Slow serum draining.
Excellent shape retention.
Slow meltdown.
Excellent flavor release.