Emulsifiers and Stabilizers for Moulded Ice cream

Cups, Scoops with toppings, family packs/ bulk packs, Stick Ice cream, Cones and soft serve ice cream are regular product being consumed widely either as pure ice cream or frozen dessert.
Slowmelting, extra creaminess and smooth texture is foremost requirement for this category. KreAmaze functional stabilizer emulsifier blends are designed for better functionality, quality & cost efficiency.

Product range includes:

IC-STA-SUPER : cost effective yet quality blend for ice cream & frozen dessert.

IC-STA-1000 : This system achieves all the physiochemical, organoleptical properties required by a perfect Ice cream.

IC-STA-PLUS 1200 : Specially developed for frozen desserts which provides optimal characteristics same as that of ice cream at lower dosage

MAJIK 2000 : It is a cellulose based system. Usage at specific dosage & process provides fat sparing effect and excellent cryoprotection throughout the storage period.

All in all, KreAmaze system for regular Icecream can help to optimize Eating quality, water mobility, meltdown properties, Shape and texture, air distribution and overrun.

The technical challenge, when making ice cream with a low fat or sugar content is to maintain a good texture & taste.

KreAmaze Majik SF - 2515

Cellulose based system for no-sugar added or Sugar free product with excellent and stable performances. Imparts creaminess & richness same as that of normal ice cream, excellent flavour release & easier processing.

We provide formulation guideline along with Stabilizing & Emulsifying system for Sugar free ice cream.