Emulsifiers and Stabilizers for Non Dairy whip topping

Imitation cream, non dairy creams or topping creams based on vegetable fat have become increasingly popular amongst consumers. Their crave for new and different deserts with benefits like reduced fat & better stability throughout storage life is challenge for manufacture. Proper selection of fat with right combination of emulsifier and stabilizer are required to make it successful.

We make up a complete function system KreAmaze CraveOwhip-4242 capable of meeting our customer's highly specific requirements in respect of product quality, economy and processing.

KreAmaze CraveOwhip-4242 ensures;

Clean eating properties
Smooth, Light & creamy mouthfeel
Desired Overrun
Firmness & Foam stability
Protein stability throughout shelf life
Excellent flavour release

Use of KreAmaze CraveOwhip-4242 application in non dairy whip topping provides flexibility to modified fat cream production with no compromise in product quality and characteristics.