Research and development is integral part of our success.

Expertise in Ingredients

Ingredient procurement is strength of Gujarat food web Pvt. Ltd.
Emulsifier and stabilizers are used for a wide range of different functions within food. They make up a very small part of finished food but have a significant impact on its quality. It is being a challenge to select right ingredients or synergistic blend for specific product. And therefore different functions of raw material & their world wide availability are essential to produce compound. We regard ourselves for identifying potential & designing complete functional compound to enhance end product.


The company has a distinct product application lab, where our technical team with good experience is involved in developing and formulating new products as per the demands. Application centre with unique instruments and facility is an expression of our passion for developing new ideas and optimizing new product.

Our laboratory facilitates preparation of emulsion, high pressure homogenization, device for preparation & measurement of highly viscous solution, micro examination of fat & air globules, sterilization and many more. After successful in house development, our specialists take trials to the industrial-scale plant at our customer’s factory.


• Development & Formulation of functional blend & food products that are cost effective & competitive, focusing on customer point of     view
• Standardization of the developed formulations.
• Value-addition to the existing products.
• Analysis on positioning of product, service & process

The team has a responsibility of keeping abreast with the latest market trends and consumer demands and work accordingly.

With know-how & commitment, we have made our company a centre of excellence in the field of stabilizers & emulsifiers.

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    Continuous Freezer

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