The Company

Gujarat Food Web Pvt.Ltd is a division of Gujarat Enterprise: develops, produces & markets high value functional ingredients system for Dairy,Ice Cream & other Food industry under the brand "KreAmaze".

The best idea arises when experts from R & D, Marketing & Sales field get together and exchange information.We provide Tailor made solutions & also keep a close glance on the market and offer our customer a comprehensive advice.


Our stabilizer – Emulsifier Systems are available in powder - dry form. Our production facility consists of sophisticated blending technology, ensure the closest possible adherence to formulations and safe processing of products.

Our plant is designed with maximum flexibility that allows us to get quick and reliable production of solution blends for every client, even in small batches.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance system starts from purchasing of raw material to finished products. All products and ingredients are tested by company’s own laboratory according to standards. Raw materials that meet our strict requirements are released for the production & finished product to customer, easy traceability of batches of raw materials & finished products.